So, despite me trying to sound very educated and sophisticated, I LOVE celebrity gossip. I blame PerezHilton.com and my old sorority days. But aside from this type of celeb entertainment, I also love the arts. Musicals. Music. Plays. Books. Dance. Movies. Television. Below is a list of MUSTS. An asteric start (*) means I have read and two starts (**) means I am in the process of and three starts (***) means I myself am lacking in being up to date on that book, movie, TV show, play, what have you. These are my TOP FIVE things at the moment. Kind of like Oprah’s favorite things, but way cooler. Okay, maybe not. But here goes.


  • Harry Potter (duh)*
  • Three Cups of Tea**
  • Black Dog of Fate *
  • The Help***
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ***


  • Crazy, Stupid, Love*
  • Fight Club*
  • Schindler’s List***
  • Philadelphia*
  • Funny Girl*


  • Weeds**
  • Big Love*
  • Modern Family*
  • Dexter**
  • Pretty Little Liars**


  • Wicked*
  • The Book of Mormon***
  • Rent***
  • Beauty and the Beast*
  • Death of a Salesman***


  • The Rocket Summer
  • Adele
  • Coldplay*
  • The Script
  • Parachute

Hope these lists help get you started if you need a little mix up with your boring schedule. Please return the favor to moi, I would really appreciate it!














1 thought on “Entertainment”

  1. You know….looking at this list it seems we have more in common than we give ourselves credit for. That’s a good list. :)

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