The purpose of this blog is to bring interesting things to the table. Be it inspiring thoughts, political perspectives, or my opinions on the daily dilemmas that life brings to myself and my acquaintances, I plan to reveal how I truly feel. We live in a society where image is everything (well, at least in Los Angeles) and if exposing your true self risks damaging your appearance, you are better off keeping quiet and blending in with the crowd. I, myself, am quite an inappropriate being in this world. I am fascinated with philosophy and modern science, but am a true believer in Jesus and try to stick to my faith as it guides me through times of trouble. Yet, I am obsessed with tattoos and am one of the most liberally progressive political thinkers you’ll meet. The last statement makes me quite the black sheep in a family of conservative minded Republicans, which makes for great conservation at the dinner table.

If you have anything interesting to share, please do so. This will be a safe haven for all types of beliefs and experiences, and all will be expected to at least be willing to have an open mind. Interesting things happen everyday, and there is so much out there just waiting to be discovered.


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