Dare I say it? I…agree with the Appeals Court of the 11th circuit. The individual mandate, as of right now, was declared by a “divided” panel of three judges to be unconstitutional. The individual mandate of President Obama’s health care package requires that all Americans have insurance, or else will face a penalty. Although you may think this oversteps the power a president can have in the US, I completely agree with the reasoning behind it.

In America, an Emergency Room cannot necessarily deny a person admittance who is in serious need of medical attention. Thus, even if a person without health insurance enters the room, they get help. In a world with cotton candy clouds and water to fuel cars, the help they receive is free. However, this is the 21st century and health costs are higher than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night. (OK, call me insensitive, but the point came across, right?)

SO, what this means is that WE, the awesome taxpayers of the good ole USA get stuck with THEIR medical bills as it is added to our taxes, because obviously it needs to get paid off somehow.

Therefore the purpose of the individual mandate isn’t to give Obama more control over our lives (as someone in my family would say), but to alleviate the burden taxpayers have as a consequence of people not purchasing health insurance.

So, good deal, right? Yes, and no. I think that in theory it is awesome. In practice, it is a little overwhelming. I am oh so lucky and greatful to be on my parent’s insurance, but here are SO many others not as lucky as I am who simply cannot afford a health insurance plan and/or their work does not offer benefits. So, is it their fault that they are poor? Since when is it a crime to be poor in America?
This is why I agree with it being unconstitutional.

BUT I think that the revisions Obama should make would be to alleviate the costs of health insurance providers! Yes, I know this is a “capitalistic” society, but this is also the land of the free, and we pledge to have justice and liberty for all. So I say, keep at it Congress, and you can figure out a deal to fix this problem.

My vote is to kill off all the insurance heads. I’m kidding. Just try to make it difficult for them to make SO much money and possibly create a new “public” plan to help those who cannot afford it.